The Datsun 510 in the new Transformers movie

A buddy and I saw the new Transformers movie today and the 510 doesn’t get “smashed”, but instead just gets lifted in the ass end by poles that come up from the ground. All good so us Datto-lovers don’t cringe. If it did, I’m sure we all would throw a fit…or at least some of us will.

With all the pre-production shots that have circled the internet for a while, it really looked like there was gonna be a 510 bumblebee…with the same yellow paint scheme(which was unnecessary since there was only like one time someone asked “what happened to bumblebee?”)

The 510 is portrayed as a POS and Sam defended it by saying it is a “collector’s item”, which is cool because I’m sure that’s how we justify our Datsun addiction to our wives/families (hehehe).

All-in-all, I’m glad it didn’t get over glorified like what Initial D did to the AE86. I’m also kinda glad that Wangan Midnight didn’t get released here in the states (yet) to over glorify the S30 and all the ricer kids rush to craigslist to find a Z.

I know this isn’t a movie review blog, but I’m SORELY disappointed in this movie as I have been a HUGE fan of Transformers since the 80’s. I give it a HUGE autobot thumbs down!