The new DATSMO STORE is coming soon!!!

The official DATSMO store is finally in the works!!!

The DATSMO store will be a clean, organized, well-lit, brand spankin’ new e-store where it will make all your DATSMO purchases quick and easy.
We know it has kinda been shaky and rough in the ordering process (or lack of) but it’s finally coming together!

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Well, that’s the DATSMO news!

Be on the lookout for the new DATSMO store!



Datsunviridae is a highly contagious illness caused by primary infection through contact(visual or physical) with any known species of Datsun.
It usually starts with denial, followed by slight signs of interest.

As it fulfills the incubation period within its host(varies from case to case), it soon manifests itself as full blown obsession.
Bouts of longing and insomnia follow, and eventually, the final stages of collecting and hoarding. On examination, the observer typically finds mounds of parts stashed somewhere nearby the victim.

-unknown source