The Nissan “Van” (aka GC22 or Vanette in other parts of the world)

After hunting for the ever elusive “Van”, I have finally acquired one!
A 1987 GXE model with the dual sunroofs.

Automatic (wish it was manual)
Seating for 7 passengers
Ice Maker/cool/heat box
and all around awesome

A brief history on this van:
This is the second generation of the Nissan Vanette. At the time, Nissan had to compete in the mini-van segment with not only other Japanese manufacturers, but the domestic American market as well.

The Vanette was originally equipped with much smaller engines; A12, A15, CA20, LD20 in Japan. But to meet American requirements, the Vanette was modified and a NAPZ Z24 motor was shoe-horned into an already cramped engine bay.
This ended up being a bad move. It caused a lot of over-heating issues and some even caught on fire.

Nissan did the first ever in automotive history to recall all that were sold by having a buy-back program and/or a discount toward a newer model for those who did purchase the van.
Well, some owners loved the van so much, despite the recalls, opted out of the buy-back program and kept the van. The rest of the Vanettes however didn’t live to see another day. They were all sent to the crusher.
From different sources, I heard very few actually caught on fire. I commend Nissan for taking that extra step to protect the consumer.

So needless to say, I’m a proud owner of what could be one of the rarest Nissans on the street!



7 thoughts on “The Nissan “Van” (aka GC22 or Vanette in other parts of the world)

  1. Hey man. Love the van. Would you be so kind as to upload some interior shots? Mid 80’s asian vans have some of the coolest interiors in my opinion and I’d love to see what the centre console looks like.

    • I will post some interior shots as soon as the van is back together. It is currently being worked on to get it road worthy again (I bought it from a dismantler).

      • datsmo, I’ve got a 1 owner 87 with 157k. I did a valve job a year ago
        but will soon do the timing chain and auto trans. front pump seal. No
        sun roof-manual windows. Will central CA

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