A 2+2 Z makes it to an awesome video

Now, I know there isn’t much 2+2 love out there in the Z world, so I’m happy for the few, the proud…did I mention the very few people that love 2+2?
First I was excited to see that an old skool Z was in format67.net’s video amongst a bunch of other newer cars.
Then I did a double take and re-winded a bit just to make sure my eyes didn’t deceive me.
YES! YES! It was in fact a 2+2! May the proud 2+2 owners rejoice!!! There is 2+2 love after all!

I caught a glimpse of it

If I missed more, do leave a comment! I was too busy enjoying the video. BEAUTIFUL cinematography as well as a soundtrack that kept me thinking something tragic was about to happen.
But alas……nein. Glad nothing happened to those awesome cars 😛



1 thought on “A 2+2 Z makes it to an awesome video

  1. The cars were definitly very nice but I think the video lacked substance. The video didn’t really make sence. The shot it from a cinemagraphic pov and the video is followed my a sequal. What was the video about for their to be a part 2? The cars were hella dope though.

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